A little bit of history

Established in early 2010 by Zak Benjelloun Naim, a Web Designer with over 7 years of experience in the digital creative sector, we keep growing the experience of the marketing, a leading full-service marketing agency specializing in luxury and premium brands. With our dedication to bringing effective and distinctive communication from brands to consumers, we consistently set our goals high to deliver high quality comprehensive digital solutions to our clients.

The great milestones in the journey we have been through started in this magical Tokyo city and were all written from scratch by our designers, strategists and integrated marketing experts. Achieved a bounty of international accolades in the past few years together with our industry know-hows have allowed us to build up a solid presence across multiple disciplines. We are always ready to rise to the innovative digital challenges, and continuously enjoy pushing the limit of the digital boundaries.

Our office is situated in Tokyo, and we work with our other group offices in Morocco and Italy. Our wide coverage of integrated marketing ensures our capability in supporting our clients’ business needs across Japan and Asia Pacific region. Looking back to the very beginning, the mission of being an aspiring digital creative agency had driven us thus far to be recognized as an all-around firm in the marketplace. Ever since we started from 5 people, many things have changed us. But we still uphold our adamant belief that we continue to inject tireless passion into our craft, leverage leading-edge technologies to produce seamless experience, and utilize our expertise to turn the creative vision into a reality.

NewTechJp is one of the best web technology in Japan. To integrate a way more unique scope of marketing solution, We love to push the boundaries of digital creativity, we extend our expertise and put our hands in the field of technology-mixed-design implementation and experimentation. We developed through CMS, and in terms of innovation, we have designed interactive lab to ensure that the clients’ expectation on every aspect of latest digital involvement will be met.

Platforms / Browsers / Devices Knowledge
Logo Mark Design
Flyers / Business Cards / Stationary Concept

With deep understanding of the mobile-centric user behaviors, We create buzz and topics for Brands, deliver brand publishing communications, maintain social CRM and design lightweight Apps. We push the limit of interactive design in technology-driven solution, and we believe in the power of creativity and turn big ideas and data into personal experience on smart phones. We innovate mobile contents with our clients to win more loyal customers and bring the biggest brand value for them.

Content & Context Development
Social Media Strategic Planning
Lightweight HTML5 Apps

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy in Newtechjp is specialized and dedicated to creating, developing and delivering highly marketing experience via multiple digital approaches. We host a team of competent and committed professionals specialized in marketing communication with international agency background. We analyze brand DNA, dig accurate consumer insights, build up professional relationships between brands and users, help brands cut through noise to reach their target audience by our expertise.

NewTechJp.Ltd IT Solutions
Halal Navi Japan Directory
Caravan Design Online Shopping

Our team leaders all have more than a decade of experience in the digital era, and have been remarkably seen as the industry leading talents in Japan. We design and develop websites/applications with strong experience working with well-known Brands, we provide highly crafted screen outputs to better connect users with clients.

Online / Offline Brand Campaign
Micro-site & Official site
Responsive Website Design and Development
Advanced interactive solution
Multi-devices/Platform Solution